10 Reasons You Should Use WordPress For Your Business Website


To WordPress, or not to WordPress, that is the question!

WordPress is a widely used and very popular content management system (CMS). In 2018 WordPress powers approximately 30% of all websites, up from 13% in 2011. Why is WordPress so popular? Why should you use WordPress to run your business site if you don’t plan on blogging? In this blog post I will review 10 reasons why you should use WordPress to power your business website.


#1 – It’s Easy To Use

WordPress was originally designed with the non-technical person in mind. A personal blogger looking to quickly and easily put their writing out on the Web. An already established site is very easy to maintain and update. As long as your site has a well designed structure, it is easy to add pages, edit existing pages, or add images. It can all be done quickly and without much technical knowledge.

#2 – No Special Editor or FTP Software Required

The WordPress management portal is web based, so there is no need for special software to upload your files.  You can edit the files directly from the WordPress portal without ever needing to look behind the curtain.  WordPress also gives you the added bonus of being able to work on your site from anywhere a browser is available.

#3 – No Need To Know HTML, CSS, Or Javascript

With WordPress, there is no need to know any coding.  Once your WordPress developer hands the site over to you or your team, you can make changes and additions as needed without knowing code.

#4 – Built-in Security For Your Website

WordPress has built in security measures that help keep your site secure and your visitors information safe.  There are also plugins available to add additional security features to your site.

#5 – SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is so important today.  SEO is what controls how you rank in search engine results.  Rather than starting from scratch as you would with a traditional web site, WordPress comes already very SEO friendly.  There are also plugins available that will help you tweak and refine your sites SEO so that it will rank high in Google search results.

#6 – Cost Effective Development

WordPress development can be more cost effective than traditional site development.  With themes, templates and plugins available, the time needed to develop a fully functional site is reduced allowing WordPress developers to pass those time savings on to their customers.  Even better, it can allow a non-technical person the ability to get a site up and running with a little help from blogs like ours.

#7 – There Is a Blog Built In

With WordPress you will have a blog built in from the start.  No need to develop a blog site from scratch if/when the time comes that you decide to add one to your website.

#8 – Plugins, Plugins and More Plugins

This goes back to the no coding topic a little, but I separated it because it is worth mentioning on its own.  WordPress plugin developers have created, literally, thousands of plugins that can accomplish a whole host of different things on your site.  You can add social media icons, animate your website’s scrolling, or popups that ask your visitors to stay a little longer.  With these plugins, functionality can be added to your site without needing to know how to code or hiring someone to code the functionality for you.

#9 – Social Media Integration

These days having a social media presence is a must for any successful company.  WordPress has many built in features and plugins that allow you to integrate with your social media profiles. This allows you to easily share your products, services, or blog posts.

#10 – User Management

As your website grows you may need the help of others on your team with its management.  WordPress has built in user management available so you can give access to additional users.

I hope these 10 reasons to use WordPress for the business website have been helpful to you.  If you are a WordPress enthusiast already, leave a comment with your number 1 reason for using WordPress.

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