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6 Signs You Should Invest In WordPress Site Management

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Running a business takes a lot of time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears.

You are tired, over worked,  and probably under paid as the owner of your little corner of American capitalism. It’s not surprising that you can’t find the time for proper management and maintenance of your website.

Maintaining a website is a tedious undertaking that requires technical knowledge, know-how, and our most valuable and often times most allusive resource – TIME.  Site backups, performance monitoring, and security monitoring are just a few examples of the tasks involved in managing and maintaining a website.  The hardest part about these tasks is that they have to be completed on a regular basis, which means you need to carve time out of your already busy schedule to complete them.

TimeTime is NOT always on your side.  Getting help with your site can give you some back.

Allowing a WordPress site management firm to take these tasks off your hand will give you back your time and allow you to spend if growing your business.

Here are six signs that you should invest in WordPress site management.

You run a small business

As a small business owner you are the boss and employee, the financial officer and the logistics manager.  You hold all roles at the company and spend more hours than you can count working to grow your business.  Why take on one more role?  Allowing an outside site management firm to manage your site takes those tasks away from your already busy schedule.

You haven’t thought about your site in a week or more

I get it. You are busy and your website is one of those set it and forget it type things, right?  Nope!  Your website, often times someone’s first impression of your business, is very important and does need to be tended to.  Your website should not only be backed up on a regular basis, but those backups should be tested to make sure they are working when you need them.

Maintaining your site is low priority

This reason is very closely related to the reason above it, however, with a very slight difference: You think about maintenance that needs to be done on your site all the time, but are not able to prioritize it high enough to take the time to get it done.  If you fall into this category, working with a WordPress site management firm is going to make sense to you because you understand the importance of regular site maintenance, but are just to busy to do it yourself.

You think about maintenance that needs to be done on your site all the time, but are not able to prioritize it high enough to take the time to get it done.

You are not technically inclined

As an entrepreneur you didn’t go into business for yourself so that you could become and IT person!  You want to run your business, sell your widgets and make money.  I can completely understand that!  Letting someone who already knows how to manage a WordPress site do it for you will free up your time, and will allow you to be a business person and not an IT person.

You hate doing it yourself

So you’ve found a way to fit site maintenance into your busy schedule, however, you just do not like doing it.  Again, you are not an IT person.  You are a business owner with a passion for your niche.  You do not, however, have a passion for all the geeky stuff required by your site maintenance schedule.  Allowing an experienced WordPress site management firm handle all of this for you will allow you to rest assured that your site is well maintained without you having to deal with it yourself.

You’ve ever lost your site because it wasn’t backed up properly

If you’ve ever experience complete data loss because your site wasn’t backed up properly, you know first hand the headache it is to get your site back up and running.  Sure, the firm who designed your site for you may have a copy of original files, but websites change constantly.  What the site looked like at conception, may not be what it looks like now.  Additionally, if you are a blogger you are adding posts to your site on a weekly, maybe even daily schedule.  You do not want to lose what you have worked so hard to create.  Giving a WordPress site management firm the responsibility to keep ongoing, tested backup is a great way to keep your site safe from these types of data losses.

Whether you don’t have the time, or you just really don’t want to deal with it yourself, WordPress site maintenance is very important to the health of your site.  Your site is often times the first impression potential clients have of your business.  Make that first impression count!  Keeping your site healthy and online will help do just that!

WPEngine is a WordPress hosting and site management firm that offers excellent, stable, high quality web hosting, along with great managed services.  Click here to see a list of their plans.

Aside from web hosting, WPEngine will manage your site backups, perform security and performance checks on your site, and will give you unparalleled flexibility with their high quality, high performing WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP).  WPEngine’s DXP provides innovative Creative AGILITY, Enterprise PERFORMANCE, Actionable INTELLIGENCE, and Ecosystem INTEGRATION products and features. Pair that with their large group of WordPress experts who are available 24/7, and you get a service that can’t be beat!

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Still need convincing? Check out this short video to see WPEgine’s Managed WordPress Hosting:

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