Hello and welcome to True Geek Media!

David BessellMy name is David. When I began writing this About Me page, I sat in front of my laptop for a long time, over multiple writing session with the cursor just blinking at me.  I thought, “What can I write about myself that visitors to my blog would even care to read about?” Aside from the first sentence, telling you my name, I had drawn a blank.  After much consideration, I decided I would start talking about my beautiful family since that is easy and would get the writing juices flowing.

I am a devoted husband, loving father and enthusiastic IT guy.  I love my family more than anything in this world and thank God for the blessing that He gave me in them every single day of my life.  My wife is the best mom anyone could ever be to our 4 amazing children, Nathan, Matthew, Ava, and Ellie.

My wife Krisitne is a rock star!  Not literally of course, but with all that she does in a day, the most die hard rocker would have a hard time keeping up with her.  She takes care of our 4 children, home schools them, works a part time job from home and runs an awesome blog!  Her blog is called Smart Living Mama.  It is seriously awesome and I am super proud of her hard work.

Kristine and I met after I got a part time job working as a customer service representative for a local dial-up Internet Service Provider.  Yes, I did say dial-up.  No, that was not a typo.  This was in 2001.  Dial-up was still the primary way people connected to the Internet. I liked the job, but was only doing it because I wanted some extra money while I was in school.  After some time, I found myself listening closely to the technical support people who worked on the other side of a very small room.  There were probably 5 customer service people and 5 technical support reps.

I became more and more interested in what they were saying and doing for the customers.  In those days they were troubleshooting issues with dial-up connections on Windows NT and Windows 2000. Eventually, I moved over to the Technical Support Team and worked on those issues myself and my IT carrier was born.

Microsoft Windows 2000

From my humble beginnings troubleshooting broken modems and incorrectly configured dial-up connections, I moved to desk-side support and deployments, and then to networking, VoIP, security and more.  I have worked in IT for over 15 years providing support to companies with all types of systems and configurations.

Along the way I have always been fascinated with web design and development. I taught myself HTML and CSS and am currently working on learning Javascript and PHP.  I have never, nor will ever pretend to be an expert in these areas.  I talk in my blog about topics that I believe I know well.  I have had a lot of experience working with web hosting, WordPress setups and configuration, site management and backups, and DNS and SSL certificate installations.  As I learn more, I will share it with all of you, my audience.  Until then, I will pledge to only put words down in my posts if I know that I am giving you the correct information.

My vision for this blog is to help “non-geeky” people conquer the challenges involved in building a WordPress site.  I intend to give you as much information as I can on a wide range of topics that are involved in working with WordPress.  Everything from the initial domain setup all the way through creating your first blog post.  Let’s take the journey together and get there one step at a time.