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What Does It All Mean?

Our goal is to take the mystery out of the technical side of WordPress so that you can understand what it is us geeky tech people are talking about. Domains, SSL, Backups, CSS and everything else involved with running your website can seem like an impossible puzzle that you just don’t have the key to.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You CAN understand what services you are purchasing from a WordPress support agency. Whether you choose to use True Geek Media, or some other agency we hope that this guide is helpful to you.

Understanding Our Manage It Service Plans

Up Time Monitoring – It is important to know that your blog is always available when your audience wants to visit. We watch your site to make sure it is always up, and when it’s not, we let you know and we take action to restore your site’s availability.

Site Backups – No matter how good your web host is, or how careful you are when installing plugins, sometimes things just go wrong. When they do, having a good backup of your sites files and database is essential! We will make sure that you have regular backups of your site which we store in a secured data center.

Performance Scans – It is very important that your blog loads as quickly as possible. Over 30% of site visitors will leave your site if it takes 7 seconds to load. On the other side, some studies have found that faster page loads can increase traffic by up to 16%. We will monitor your site to make sure it is loading quickly. When it isn’t, we will look into why and resolve the issue so you can enjoy more traffic.

Security Scans – The security of your blog as well as the security of your users should be one of your top priorities. All it could take is one piece of malicious code, or one data breach to ruin your reputation or to take your site down completely. We take steps to inspect your site on a Weekly basis to make sure that it is clean and safe for you and your visitors. We partner with security firms to make sure that security risks are NOT something you will have to worry about.

Plugin Updates – We all use plugins to add features and services to our sites. Plugins are good, but they can also be a risk to security and performance if they are not kept up-to-date. When you trust True Geek Media to manage your blog we will keep all of your plugins up-to-date with scheduled weekly updates. Additionally, we will precede each round of updates with a site backup so that we can restore your site back to it’s state before the updates in case anything goes wrong.

Theme Updates – Theme updates, like plugin updates are important to keep your site secure and at optimal performance. We will check for updates to your theme on a weekly basis and will install those updates for you after completing a backup on your site.

Monthly Small Job Allowance – With the monthly small job allowance we will complete small tasks that take an hour or less. With our Ramp Up service level we give you 3 small jobs per month. If you needed help installing a plugin, troubleshooting a code issue, or even custom programming, as long as the task will not take more than an hour.

Bad Link Monitoring – So you write this great blog post and in the post you link to a reference you found on the Internet that brings your point home. Unfortunately, 6 months after publishing your post, the page you linked to went dead. Unless you are checking all external links on your site daily, how would you ever know that this happened? The answer to that is with our bad link monitoring service. We will scan your blog daily to make sure all links on your site are working all the time.

Basic Site Heat Mapping – Heat mapping records how your site visitors use your site. It will keep track of where they click and how their mouse moves around the site. This will give you an idea of how your site is being view by your visitors giving you the ability to adjust things as needed. We can also take recordings of your visitors movements on your site. With this service we will record heat mapping on 3 pages of your site.

Elementor Pro Plugin – Elementor is one of the leading page / post editors on the market. It will allow you to format your blog pages and post in ways you can’t using WordPress’ built in editor. If you want your blog to stand out, you want to use Elementor to create all of your pages and posts. With our Grow Big plan you get a free copy of the Pro version of Elementor for as long as you are a customer.

Free Staging Site – Looking to make some big changes to your blog? Making big changes can be frightning. What happens if something goes wrong and my your goes down? This is where our staging sites come into play. We will create a duplicate of your site on our servers so that you can make the changes you have planned without affecting your live site. Once the changes are made and tested, we can push the changes to your live site in a matter of minutes without the risk of your site going down. This service is available with our Grow Big service plan.

The idea behind this page is to help you understand the services that we will be providing for you if you decide to give us the chance to serve you and your blog. If at any time you have questions about anything on our site, please feel free to send us an email at support@truegeekmedia.com.

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