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Top 5 WordPress Theme Developers You Need To Check Out

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Picking the right WordPress theme for your new business or blog website can be a difficult choice to make. The WordPress theme you choose will set the stage for the look and feel of your website.  The theme you choose can also effect page loading speeds, search engine optimization, security and so much more. Once you pick a theme and start developing your site, its not always easy to switch to another theme, especially if you switch developers as well.  Using shortcodes, prebuilt page sections and other elements that are custom to your specific theme can make it difficult to change later on.  Being sure you are picking a theme that you can stick with is a tough choice to make, but is worth it in the end.

With that in mind, I have put together my list of the 5 best theme developers:

Featured Developer

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes

Thrive themes is by far one of my favorite WordPress theme developers.  They offer a wide range of conversion focused themes, plugins and design tools.  With Thrive themes you have so much flexibility and the ability to modify almost 100% of the look of the theme once you have it installed.

Beyond theme development, Thrive offers a great group of plugins, clever widgets and A/B testing software.  The pièce de résistance of the Thrive Theme package is their intuitive drag and drop visual editor, Thrive ArchitectThrive Architect is the only truly drag and drop editor out there.  Thrive Architect is feature rich and is designed to save you time, and give you the flexibility you need to get the look and feel you want for your site.  With this tool, you are no longer confined by the options a theme developer decides to let you modify. The sky is truly the limit.

Thrive Themes also offers a great membership program that gives you access to all of their themes and tools bundled into one low monthly fee.  This is a great way to get access to all the tools you need to make your site awesome, with unlimited technical support included!


Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes


Elegant themes is a very popular theme developer that offers a wide array of themes available for many types of businesses.  They do offer a few plugins as well, however, their most know for their Divi Builder which allows you to drag and drop elements onto your page as you build it.  It features 40 prebuilt content modules that allow you to quickly and easily build your page from the ground up with no extra coding needed.




Themeisle totes 30+ free and paid WordPress themes and about a dozen very useful plugins.  Their theme Zerif was one of the highest selling WordPress themes in 2017 and their themes in general are very customizable and come in all different looks and feels.  With Themeisle you can purchase themes individually or you can purchase a yearly subscription that gives you access to all of their themes.  They even offer a lifetime subscription that is approximately 3 times the cost of the yearly subscription.  If you plan on sticking with their themes for a while, this membership option is great for you!




If you are looking for clean, simple WordPress themes, Colorlib is the place to go.  They offer many, many themes, all tested to use the highest coding standards.  They are known for their highly customizable theme options as well.


Theme Forest

Theme Forest


I will round out our list today by mentioning Theme Forest.  I know that Theme Forest is not a developer, however, it is a great place to get themes.  There are hundreds of developers who post their themes for sale on Theme Forest, making it a good place to go to see a huge variety of themes.

Theme Forest is owned by Envato Market who also owns the likes of CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver, and PhotoDune, making them a well rounded resource for all your web development and design needs.

I hope this list was helpful to you.  If you have a favorite theme developer, leave their name in the comments of this post.

If you are trying to decide on a good web host, check out my post on How To Pick the Right Web Host For You WordPress Site.


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